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*ANNOUNCEMENT for registered SAS students*?

The November 16 deadline to schedule final exams in SNAP has passed and SNAP cannot be accessed at this time. If you wish to write your final exams at Student Accessibility Services and missed this scheduling deadline, you must contact your advisor as soon as possible.

Located in Dillon Hall on the main campus of the University of Windsor, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is committed to working with the entire campus community in creating equal access to higher education for all academically qualified students who may have disabilities.

We strive to foster an inclusive climate of mutual respect and understanding on the UWindsor campus, so that all students are welcome and able to contribute to the fabric of the university community.

If you would like more information about how the University of Windsor generally supports accessibility, human rights and equity on campus, please visit the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility.

SAS is?further committed to the promotion of heightened awareness, on campus and in the community, about the responsibility we all share to provide equal access to higher education for all qualified students.

Explore your?PROMISE?at the University of Windsor.

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Wishing all students a peaceful exam season followed by a Merry Everything and Happiness Always.