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Winter 2019?fees are due?December 15, 2018.

Mission & Vision

The Student Accounts office is a unit within the Budgets and Financial Services department responsible for responding to student inquiries on the payment of fees in a timely and efficient manner.? We ensure all students are informed on their account related services while adhering to confidentiality policies and regulations.

Payment Options

WEB (Internet) or Telephone Banking

If you have Web banking set up, simply add the University of Windsor as a payee. Your student ID is your account number for web payments. If you do not have online or telephone banking privileges, contact your bank to establish this service. Electronic banking may take up to 72 hours for the bank to authorize the transfer of funds. Electronic payments are credited to your account the date the bank transmits the funds to the University. It is recommended you make your payment a few days prior to the deadline to ensure funds are received.

At a Financial Institution: If paying at a chartered Financial Institution, you must bring a Student Statement of Account form. The statement emailed to you is sufficient. If you require a new statement, request one via UWinsite Student.

Using OSAP Funds: If OSAP granted money to cover your fees and you agreed to fee remittance to the University, you do not need to make a payment by the deadline.? Your funds will be processed automatically, pending your application is complete, with processed signature pages and?MFSAA.? If your OSAP entitlement is not sufficient to cover your fees or the money is being directed to you, you are responsible for paying the difference between what OSAP?will cover and the fees due.? Daily interest charges on the difference (14% per annum) will be calculated the day after the deadline.?

By Mail or DropBox: You may pay using a Cheque or Money Order made payable to the University of Windsor. To ensure credit to the proper account, the Student’s Name and Student ID must be clearly printed. Do not put cash in the drop box or in the mail. If you mail your payment, it may take 10 days for your payment to arrive and be processed. Mail payments are credited to your account the date received in the Student Accounts Office.

In Person: You may pay your fees by cash, cheque, money order, bank draft or debit card between 9 am to 4 pm at the Cashiers Office.? If you choose this method close to the deadline, you may encounter long lines and paperwork. It is recommended an alternate payment method be used if possible.

HigherEd Points: Convert Aeroplan Miles to fund your University education by using Loyalty program miles or points

International Payment (overseas countries) with CIBC International Student Pay:? A new secure online portal for International Students to make arrangement for payments to the University of Windsor in the student’s local currency. The quote and payment instructions the student receives are good for 72 hours. There are no transaction charges from CIBC or from Windsor. To get a quote and payment instruction please navigate to the CIBC ISP Portal?and follow these steps:

Select the country you are paying from?and how much you want to transfer to the University of Windsor.

Review the quote and see up front what the exchange amount will be.

·Complete the required information and make the payment by wire through your bank.

Transfer of US Funds Only

If you transfer US funds, you must clearly show your Name, Address, and Student ID. There is a $25 fee for processing US dollar wire transfer. Do not send CDN money to this account. Students transferring US funds electronically should use the following information:

Address: 245 Ouellette Ave Windsor, ON, N9A 7J2
Account Name: University of Windsor
Account #: 4007373
Bank Transit #: 07922?

Correspondent:?JP Morgan Chase Bank
Intermediary BK:?New York
Swift Code:?CHASUS33
Beneficiary Bank:?Royal Bank of Canada

Opt Outs

All fees charged to your account are mandatory although you may opt-out of the drug and dental plan and U-Pass if you qualify.? If you have alternate coverage, you can opt out through UWSA, OPUS, or GSS. The University works with the Student Society and insurance carriers to verify coverage and if accepted, no charge will be billed. To avoid billing, you must opt out by Aug 1, 2017. If you do not opt out early, you can opt out on UWinsite Student, however, payment must be made by the deadline and refunds will be done via direct deposit. Standard opt out can be done between Sept 1 and Oct 1. Traditional Opt Out is Sept 1 to Oct 1 and is completed at Before you opt out, understand you cannot opt-in until next school year and cannot use UHIP/Trillium Benefits as coverage. If you have questions, email UWSA@ เกมยิงปลา


All undergrad and full-time grad students are charged a fee granting them access to unlimited Transit Windsor bus services from Sept 1 - Apr 30.? Students who are not full-time in the fall but are registered in full-time classes in winter will be charged half the fee and will?get a?bus pass from Jan 1 - Apr 30.? Any student who has been a full-time student in the fall or winter can purchase the pass in the summer.?Students who live outside the Transit Windsor service area can opt out of the bus pass.?Visit for details about bus pass pick up, deadlines for opt out and info required to opt-out.

Third Party Sponsors

The University defines a sponsor as a third party organization or group that is covering some or all of the costs of a student's fees.? This includes (but is not limited to) Native Groups, Government Embassies, WSIB Claimants or Employers of students. ?If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please read the Sponsor Introduction Letter.

As a student, you can find information regarding your sponsor in the Student Introduction Letter. A Sponsor Approval Request Form and Authorization to Invoice Form are required for each student. Please send sponsor inquiries to sponsor@ เกมยิงปลา


Additional Information

You can?view tuition information?online using the Student Portal.? Scholarships, bursaries, residence and meal plan charges appear on your account in early August for Fall semester and early December for Winter semester. Statements are emailed in early August for Fall semester and early December for Winter semester.?If you require a hard copy statement (required if paying at a bank) email cashiers@ เกมยิงปลา and one will be sent to?the address on file in UWinsite Student. If?you are paying by cheque/bank draft/money order, ensure your Student ID is clearly marked to ensure credit to the proper account. Allow time for mailing to ensure your payment arrives before the deadline.

Auditing Courses

A student who audits a course(s) is one who attends a course(s), but, does not receive credit for the course(s) towards their degree.? Such a student will not be eligible to write examinations and may not be graded but, will be required to pay the stated fee(s) for the course(s).? Contact us if you have questions about fees, payments, or financial policies.

1st Year Transition Support Fee

During the first semester of your first year, all first-year students are charged a Transition Support Fee. The fee supports programs such as Head Start Orientation, August Orientation, Winter Orientation, Welcome Week, International Student Orientation, Parent Support Programs, Campus Life Line, and Student Health 101. If at the end of your first year you have not participated in these programs, you may request a refund by emailing success@ เกมยิงปลา


To preserve the confidentiality of financial records, staff are required to maintain a strict confidentiality policy regarding student's accounts. Staff cannot allow anybody but the student to access information from their accounts without the authorization of the student. This includes receipts, statements or discussion of financial records. Failure to obey this policy may result in disciplinary action against the staff member. University Bylaws prohibit the release of a Student ID to anyone but the student. If you do not know the ID of a student, contact them directly to obtain it. ?We recognize parents often pay students accounts, thus, the?Cashiers Office created a process to allow students to authorize us to speak to any individuals they wish to discuss their financial accounts with. The authorization form is available on UWinsite Student under the Self Service - Delegated Access.?Authorization is limited to the financial record, granted annually, and can be canceled anytime.?


Deadline Dates

  • Winter 2019?fees are due?December 15, 2018.


Fall 2018 Drop Dates

Download the Fall 2018 Drop Dates Chart

To make an appeal, send documentation and description of your situation to เกมยิงปลา finappeal@ เกมยิงปลา

Students who take 4 or more courses are considered full-time students and therefore pay full-time tuition rates. If you drop from 5 courses to 4 courses, you will not receive a tuition refund, as you are still considered to be a full-time student and the tuition remains the same. Some incidental fees are charged based on the number of courses in which a student is registered, so you may be eligible for a refund of those fees, depending on the date you drop. See above for the incidental drop date. ?


Students who request refunds are subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

  • Credit balances that result from a scholarship will not be paid out until after the incidental drop date mentioned above.
  • Payments received by the University of Windsor directly from a foreign country will only be refunded to a registered student.?
  • A maximum refund of $2,000 will be granted.
  • Only 1 refund will be paid out per semester.?
  • All refund requests that exceed $2,000 will be wired back to the originating bank account, subject to a wire charge of $25 (4-6 week processing time).
  • Payments received by the University of Windsor in cash or directly from a CDN bank account will be refunded without these restrictions, but are still subject to review.

Please note that refunds are not issued for amounts less than $2.?


Interest Charges

Daily interest charges apply to outstanding balances after the payment deadline at 14% per annum, calculated daily, compounded monthly.? Interest is calculated by (14% x Outstanding Balance X number of days outstanding) / 365. If you are subject to interest charges, they will appear on your account on the first day of the month following the interest assessment. See the University Calendar for Financial Regulations and Policies.


Income Tax Forms for Students

Students may access their T2202A forms through their UWinsite Student account. T4A slips are available on UWinsite Student so log in and provide consent to receive your T4A under Account Services - Income Tax Form.?


Summer Full-Time Programs

The following are summer full-time programs. If you are enrolled in a minimum of 4 courses, you will be deemed full-time for the Summer and charged accordingly. You are required to pay full-time UWSA fees if you have not paid this fee in the previous Fall and Winter terms.

  • Engineering: 3rd & 4th year (semester 5 & above)
  • Any Business Administration Co-op Program: 3rd & 4th year (semester 5 & above)
  • Any Computer Science Co-op Program: 3rd & 4th year (semester 5 & above)
  • Environmental Biology Co-op Program: 3rd year (semester & 6)
  • All Human Kinetics Co-op Programs: 2nd year (semester 3 & 4)
  • MBA Program: All levels
  • All Graduate Programs as Determined by Graduate Studies: All levels


Unpaid Accounts

Fees for Tuition, Compulsory Incidentals, Residence, and Meal Plans are due on or before the deadline. Payments made after the deadline are subject to interest. If you register after the deadline, you must pay your fees within 1 business day to avoid interest.? Unless arrangements have been made with the Cashiers’ Office, accounts not fully paid by the due date are subject to sanctions. The University will not:

  • Permit course changes in the current term.
  • Permit registration in future terms.
  • Issue? transcripts of grades nor a University Degree Parchment
  • Issue income tax receipts for any semester(s) which remain unpaid.
  • Issue any letters of permission or confirmation of graduation eligibility

The University reserves the right to refuse production of documentation for additional purposes at their sole discretion. You will not receive your degree at convocation if you owe the University money.? Reminders are sent out prior to convocation.

Once an account becomes non-current, balances remaining unpaid are considered for external collection. Two reminders are sent to the mailing address on UWinsite Student. If payment is not received or a payment plan is not made, the account may be listed with an external collection agency. The University wants to avoid this extreme measure and we encourage students to discuss their situation with us. We will accommodate payment plans to the best of our ability - all we ask is that the student makes a commitment to pay off their balance and remains consistent. If you make an arrangement to pay and fail to follow the arrangement, your account will be listed with the collection agency. ?The sanctions remain in effect and interest charges will accumulate until the debt has been settled to the satisfaction of the University.

Once an account is listed with our external collection agency, they follow up on your account on our behalf.

If you wish to discuss payment options, call 1-888-395-1147 ex. 6882 or email: เกมยิงปลา If you pay the agency directly, they notify us of your payment(s) on a weekly basis. The sanctions and rules regarding payment by personal cheque remain in effect until the debt is settled and/or the collection agency is confident the payment cleared your account.


U.S. Neighbour Rate

We offer Americans a tuition fee of $6000 USD/semester (subject to change), a savings of $5000 USD/semester compared to international rates. To qualify, you must: be?registered part time or full time in an undergrad program, be a US citizen, provide a valid study permit to the International Student Centre at the beginning of their first semester and offer renewed permits when granted.?Students taking part-time courses will pay $1200 USD/course.? Incidental fees, residence and meal plan charges are not included and are charged in CDN dollars.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am being charged for a drug and dental plan, but I already have coverage through my parents (or another source), so don't need this coverage. Do I still need to pay for it?

The UWSA and OPUS drug and dental plan, and GSS health benefits plan are mandatory fees that must be paid. Because the drug, dental and health benefit plans are implemented and managed by the UWSA, OPUS & GSS, concerns regarding coverage must be directed to them. If you have alternate coverage and would like to opt out contact:

  • UWSA Office: (519) 971-3600 – Floor 2: CAW Student Centre. Opt out process is on the UWSA website.
  • OPUS Office: (519) 971-3603 – Room 172: CAW Student Centre.? Opt out process is on the OPUS website.
  • GSS Office: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3915 – 484 Sunset Ave, Floor 2 of Grad House – Opt out process is on the GSS website.

What happens if I don’t pay my fees?

Interest is added to your account everyday fees are unpaid at an annual rate of 18%. Your account will be subject to sanctions and you will not be permitted to register in future semesters. Academic records (transcript, T2202A form) will be withheld until the debt is fully paid and your name may be placed with our collection agency after a specified time period.

Is there any discount for seniors?

We offer free tuition and incidental fees for students 65 and over, except for professional programs (contact Student Accounts Office for programs).? *Applies to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada only*

What happens if I register but never attend or I stop going to class?

You are responsible for all fees (including interest) unless you formally withdraw through UWinsite Student or the Registrar’s Office.

I don’t have the money now, but I will, by the end of the semester

While your account is still subject to interest charges, contact the Student Accounts Office to arrange a payment schedule. As long as your payments are consistent, we will not initiate external collection action.

How is daily interest calculated?

For every day your account remains unpaid after the deadline, interest at the annual rate of 14% will be calculated. Interest will be tallied daily and added to your balance owing at the beginning of the month. Even if you pay your balance before interest is applied, you are responsible for interest calculated for the time period before the payment.? Check your account at the start of the month to see if you owe interest. Interest is approx. $0.04 per hundred dollars owing per day.

Is there any way I can make money while at school??

  • Contact the Awards Office to see if you are eligible to apply for assistance.?
  • Contact Human Resources to determine if there are part-time positions for students.
  • Contact the Office for Experiential Learning for other opportunities.

What does a negative balance on my account mean?

A negative balance indicates you have a credit on your account. You may leave this credit on for future charges or may request a refund through UWinsite Student. Please note during the beginning of each semester, there is a 4 to 5 week waiting period to receive your refund. If you want the refund mailed, we will mail it to your address on UWinsite Student, otherwise, the cheque will be available for pickup in the Student Accounts Office. If you are picking up your cheque, you must bring photo ID. If your account has a credit balance as a result of a scholarship, award or bursary, cheques will automatically be issued.

How do I get a receipt for payment?

If you pay by cash, cheque, money order, traveler’s cheque, debit, web, telephone, or at a bank, you may contact the Student Accounts Office to have a receipt issued. If you make your payment by personal cheque, your canceled cheque is your receipt. If you require something more official, you must wait 30 days (45 days for cheques drawn on a foreign bank), then request a receipt. If you require a receipt earlier, provide a copy of the front and back of the canceled cheque.

What happens if my cheque is returned by the bank?

If your cheque is returned, you are responsible for replacing the payment with cash, debit or certified cheque and will be charged a $25 returned cheque charge. ?You will lose chequing privileges with the University for two years. If the cheque has been returned due to an error made by the bank, you must provide a letter from the bank accepting responsibility.

I need to change my address.? How do I do that?

Students can update their address on UWinsite Student, go to the Registrar's Office or go to the Student Accounts Office (with photo ID) and request an address change. We cannot accept phone calls or e-mail requests for address changes.

Entrance Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries

If you receive entrance awards, scholarships, and bursaries, they are applied 50% in the Fall and 50% in the Winter, except for Entrance Bursaries, which are applied 100% in the Fall. These awards should appear on your account in early to mid-August. If they do not appear when you are ready to pay but know you are eligible for them, deduct that amount from your fees owing. If you already paid and have been awarded scholarships, awards or bursaries and your account has a negative balance, you qualify for a refund. A refund cheque must be requested through UWinsite Student.??The refund may be requested any time, however, the refund will be generated ASAP (end of Sept for Fall and end of Feb for Winter).

Contact Information

Student Accounts Office
University of Windsor
Chrysler Hall North, 1st Floor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario Canada N9B 3P4
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3307
Fax: (519) 561-1434
Email: cashiers@ เกมยิงปลา

Phone Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm, Wednesday 1pm - 4pm
Office Hours:?Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 4pm, Wednesday 1pm - 4pm

Manager, Financial Services: Christopher Lanoue